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Welcome to Your PO Box Gothenburg – we provide you with post office box and address in central Gothenburg!

Do you need a prestigious address for a company in Gothenburg?
Easy – hire the companys PO Box and address at DinPostBox in central Gothenburg!

Do you move often and find it difficult and expensive to change the address? Maybe you live in the 2nd or 3rd place?
Get a fixed point in your life – rent your own post office box at DinPostBox in Gothenburg!

Are you a student and need a fixed address?
Rent a PO Box at a discount – students receive 10% upon presentation of CSN card or other international student card.

Protects you if your integrity?
Rent your own private post office box at DinPostBox in Gothenburg.

Are you concerned that your mail be handled safely and do not want it lies unattended in your residential mailbox?
Rent your own secure post office box as an individual at DinPostBox in Gothenburg.

Your non-profit association may need a permanent address?
Rent a PO Box for a club or for the Association at DinPostBox in Gothenburg.

We offer you a postal address as follows:

Box 10XX
Kristinehöjdsgatan 9A
412 82 Göteborg

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